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About Us

Capoeira is a unique type of martial arts. It combines elements of battle with dancing. This sport will help you develop strength, endurance, plasticity, speed, etc.

Our school conducts capoeira training in New York for all age categories. Capoeira is for everyone, regardless of the physical condition. When training with our teachers, you:

    Get capoeira skills;
    Improve your physical condition;
    Have a great time and find new friends.


Our school invites you to learn the most unusual martial art in the world!

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Joao Moraes


Two-time champion of Brazil and the USA, world capoeira champion. The coaching experience is 10 years. Joao conducts individual training.

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Andrea Silva


Andrea is a teacher in children groups. She studied capoeira in Brazil and works with all age groups, from preschoolers to teenagers and students.

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Carolina Santos


Carolina is three-time capoeira champion of Brazil in different age groups, She works with both beginners and experienced students.

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Vicente Oliveira


A native of Brazil, he started capoeira training there. Vicente is the winner of the world capoeira championship, a two-time champion of Brazil.


We offer training programs for people of any age and any physical condition.


Capoeira for kids

Children from 5 years old can do capoeira. A special training program has been developed for children of different ages.


Capoeira for beginners

We conduct training for people with any level of physical fitness. Training is conducted by modules, from the very basics. 


Advanced training

Group classes for people with capoeira experience. We divide students into groups according to the level, help to master new techniques. 


Individual training

Individual training with the head coach of the school, our mestre Joao. The training includes a personal training plan and preparation for competitions.

Why Choose Us

We conduct the best capoeira training in Dubai. We offer our students the following benefits:



All our trainers have specialized education for working with children and adults.



Training is divided into modules. You will learn capoeira step by step in a friendly environment.


Cozy gym

In bad weather, a cozy gym with everything you may need is always at your service.


We conduct two trainings per week for all groups. Choose your option!


Individual Training

11:30 - 13:00Sunday | Wednesday

If you are seriously interested in capoeira and have extensive skills, the next step will be individual sessions with our mestre. They include capoeira acrobatics and technical drills. 


Capoeira for Kids

12:00 - 13:20 Tuesday | Thursday

Joyful and interesting classes for kids. A note for parents: please bring a T-shirt, comfortable pants and a water bottle for your kid. Children may train in indoor shoes or barefoot. 


Capoeira for Beginners

15:00 - 16:00 Moday | Saturday

In our classes, we aim to bring together different facets of this fascinating martial art, ranging from movement to music and different aspects of Afro-Brazilian culture. Welcome!


Advanced Training

17:00 - 18:30 Saturday | Sunday

Choose this course here if you have been to the beginner course and wish to continue your journey with capoeira. Learning bodily interaction in the game of capoeira!


Select your group and sign up for the course at our school.

  • Capoeira for Kids

  • Capoeira for Beginners

  • Advanced Capoeira

  • Individual Training



See how the training is conducted in Dubai.

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Were excited to share feedback given by our students.

Sarah Jomush

I found this school of capoeira by chance when I was looking for some kind of physical activity for myself. I was impressed not only by capoeira itself but also by the way it is taught here. I have been training at this school for three years already.

October 28, 2019

Mike Erbe

I had had capoeira experience before moving to Dubai, so the first thing I did was to look for a school. I was lucky to enroll in the Advanced course here. I have not seen such a level of teaching before. In addition, the schedule is very convenient and the price is good.

March 13, 2020

Dean Trock

It’s not so easy to find a suitable sport for a girl. Friends advised me to enroll my daughter in this school of capoeira. Stacey was completely delighted. This school has wonderful trainers, classes are filled with music, talking, games. And technical drills, of course. 

May 27, 2020


We tried to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions below. In addition, you can always contact us and ask your question.

Do you have a trial lesson?

Of course. You can sign up for a trial training to assess whether capoeira in general and specifically the trainer in particular are suitable for you. The trial lesson is free.

What do I need to do capoeira?

All you need is a sports uniform. You don’t We also recommend taking a bottle of water with you. You can train barefoot or in comfortable soft shoes.

Are there any health restrictions?

Capoeira does not require perfect health. We are pleased to welcome all students who want to learn new skills, regardless of their age, physical condition, and health.

Do you conduct workshops?

We often invite Word Capoeira Federation members who have already gained success in the international arena. Masterclasses from world champions are held regularly.

Do you take part in competitions?

Our school regularly takes part in different competitions. If you feel up to compete in the international championships, we will be happy to help you with this!

How do I pay for the course?

Before starting training, we conclude a contract with a fixed cost of classes per month. You can pay for training both monthly and weekly. 


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